How to Increase Sell iPhone Cash: Tips on How to Increase the Resale Price of an iPhone

When it comes sell iPhone cash, every seller wants to maximize the amount of money that they make from the sale of their devices. Generally, iPhones retain their worth with proper care because they are made to last long without losing their value and aesthetic appeal. This means that if you have been taking proper care of your iPhone, you can still make good money from its sale. Additionally, even if your iPhone is smashed, you can still earn cash from its sale. All you need is just to know how you can maximize the cash that you make from the sale of your iPhone.

Conduct some research

Perhaps, you have come across several websites that are ready to buy your used iPhone instantly. Such sites can tempt you to sell your device at the first price offer. However, your device might be worth more than that. This is why you should conduct some research to find out how much is exactly is your device worth. In most cases, you will realize that your iPhone is worth more than the amount that the first prospect offers you. Therefore, take your time to conduct some research so that you can make more cash from the iPhone trading.

Get the original box and the accessories of the iPhone

Before listing your iPhone for sale, make sure that you have the original packaging box and the accessories of the device. For instance, look for the headphones, data cable, charger and the instructions manual. These extras will have a significant effect on the selling price of your iPhone. Do not be surprised to learn that an empty box of an iPhone can increase the selling price of an iPhone by up to $50.

Sell iPhones together

Perhaps, you have several iPhones in your closet that you no longer need or use. In that case, consider selling the iPhones together. Even if you have the old iPhone 3G, you can still sell it together with an iPhone 5s. Somebody out there might be interested in buying your iPhone. Some people will buy old, used iPhone to get parts for their devices. Others will buy the devices to get precious metals such as silver and gold from the iPhones. Therefore, sell your cracked iPhone if you get a good buyer

Take photos

When you include photos in the description of the iPhone that you want to sell, it attracts more buyers and to some extent, it increases the selling price of the device. Therefore, take several photos of the iPhone and include them in the product description so that prospective buyers can verify the quality and condition of the iPhone before they buy it.

Unlock your iPhone

Unlocking your iPhone if locked will definitely increase the cash that you can get from its sale. Many people are willing to pay more for an iPhone if it is unlocked.

Basically, these tips will enable you to increase your sell iPhone cash. Simply follow them and use our iPhone resale service to sell your used iPhone 4 at a higher price and efficiently.